My Dating Life as an Escort Has Never Been Easy

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Most people wonder what an escort’s life is really like, what type of man is a typical client, and whether it is possible to have a relationship when working as an escort? Well, dating and relationships are challenging for everybody. However, it’s trickier when you are an escort. I am an escort dating people for cash, and it’s great. However, it has made dating a civilian very tough.

To start with, this is not the career I expected to have. I grew up in east London, went to private school, taken music lessons; I should perhaps be in a more respectable career like a teacher or a scientist. But life can have unexpected turns. I always felt interested in sex work. The notion that we ladies could use our sex appeal to make money. Later, when I went into college in London as a student and was struggling to get by, a friend of mine gave me the idea of making cash by being an escort, which I highly qualified for due to my sexy body with a rare Russian height. I even called several of the escort agencies listed in the yellow pages but ended up joining the London escorts agency.

Since then, I have met hundreds of clients in London, most of who are 25-45, well-groomed, well-dressed, very good-mannered, well-educated mostly, business people, hedge fund managers, lawyers, and CEOs. Some clients want you to act like a fiancée for hire, take you to eateries, business trips, and hotel dates, while others are exclusive secretive and only want to satisfy their sexual fetishes such as massage, dominance anal, and blowjob. I have slept with Italian, Russian, Spanish, and English and African clients.

Dating as an escort is tough and requires enforcing strict boundaries and professionalism. When servicing a client, it’s always our job to fulfill a fantasy, making it hard to know whether a client has feelings for you or the fantasy. It was sometimes difficult for me to play a loving and fun girlfriend but cannot get emotionally attached to a client I get a crush on. I became an escort for money, which I have earned in plenty, worn expensive clothes, and live a lavish life, but back in my house, I often feel lonely. We are more than our profession, and we also love and want to be loved genuinely.

Sometimes while still escorting, I have met some clients who made me rethink the possibilities further than the standard escort-customer connection. Unfortunately, dating clients is no go-zone in this industry. For civilian dating, the disclosure instant is all the time difficult to traverse. Do I tell them I work as an escort before or after we meet and what will be the response like? Unluckily, we are in a society where sex work is still denounced. I have told dates that I am an escort and showing intentions to initiate a long-term relationship instead of just hooking-up, but they end up to fetishize my occupation as an escort and be inaptly erotic.

When men inquire if I am single, I respond yes because it’s the truth. But am dating men for an hourly rate of $200 per hour. I am their girlfriend, lover, and fantasy for the time they will pay me. I create a link with them and later go away from their existence. I am single if you are dating me for an amount of cash, and later we part ways. For me, dating is a tricky monstrous, regardless if it’s for a limited time or a lifespan, especially for us, escorts. But I still hope to meet a guy who will love me genuinely without being judgmental based on my work.