My escort escapade

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April 4th , 2020.

The past few weeks have been dull. The agency has stilled. No calls. No communication. It seems to be the off-peak season in East London. My clients shied from coming, kept away by the chilly winter. These Londoners are very traditional and hold high the value of family. Boredom is starting to get to me but I’d blame it on the weather. I’m thinking I should take up French lessons online. I figured being in the trade, I should learn the language of love and more importantly score the French clientele.

Something special happened today. So, the agency called me about a particular guest. I hadn’t met this client before going through my previous bookings. I was baffled but excited by the opportunity to meet this client. I was psyched to give my A game. Who knew where this would go?

He sends me a dress for the night delivered by his driver. It bore a special note addressing me. ‘ Dinner at 8. Can’t wait to see you in that dress’. I’m eager to see what the night holds. Dressed and ready to go, his driver picks me in a luxury INFINITI sports car. Things were really going well.

I met him and my heart sunk. It was Clifford, I know him all too well. I met Cliff in my first year in college. I was head over heels for this guy. It was maybe something to do with his sharp unwavering gaze, his musky cologne or how he towers above me. But Clifford didn’t feel the same way about me. He loved but he was looking for the ideal wife, the submissive home-maker. Deep down, I knew I wasn’t cut out for that boring life. But for Cliff, I entertained the thought. I was going to quit the escort business in Moscow but I went all the way to East London!

I peeled my eyes on Cliff . He had grown more handsome he seemed withdrawn and quiet. We ate in silence as the tension stiffened. He didn’t comment on the dress! Maybe I jinxed the night with excitement.

We left the Russian restaurant and proceeded to his hotel room. He was occupying the presidential suite in a high end hotel in East London. I was struggling to concentrate but then I wasn’t set on screwing up a potential cash-cow, so I had to be spectacular tonight. I nudged myself to stay focused. So, I slipped into something raunchier and enticing demanding his gaze and attention. I started with one of the erotic, sensual lap dances id learnt from Amira prompting him with soft, mild touches on his thighs. And he started to respond to me. There it was, the bump forming around the groin. It was at this moment that he said, “Don’t be an escort tonight, be you, Kira.”

We made love that night. He was so gentle and loving, I can’t recall ever being so genuinely wanted, ever in my life. The sex was fierce, passionate and intense, probably because it was long overdue. We went several rounds and engaged in intense foreplay, teasing and pleasing each other. Worn-out from lovemaking, we cuddled up in bed and that was when he finally opened up. He told me of how life was good to him, that he founded a successful tech startup just two years ago. He got married to a beautiful woman and that they bore three kids together. He says that his wife never touches him or looks at him anymore. I was curious why and he gave me a shocking answer. She believes that sex is for procreation while recreational sex was just straight out sinful. Terrible, right?

Tonight, was the first time he hired an escort, and he felt guilty nonetheless. He wanted her to be me. I genuinely sympathized with him ,so we exchanged contacts. I told him to find me when he needed some love.

The next morning, I got up to find Cliff had left already. By the bedside, he left a pack of notes in a big envelope. It amounted to 2500 euros. Glowing from within, I knew I’d hit the jackpot this time.